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Prof Afaf Girgis

Director, Psycho-oncology Research Group

The Psycho-Oncology Research Group investigates the psychological, social and behavioural aspects of cancer, from the time of a cancer diagnosis until end of life. Our psycho-oncology research program is translational in its focus, in that our priority research areas are informed by the challenges faced by those providing and receiving cancer care; we apply the most stringent research methods to develop a strong evidence base to inform best practice; and we engage early with key stakeholders and policy makers to maximise evidence-informed cancer care.
Our research addresses some of the major psychosocial dimensions of cancer, including:
• Understanding the unmet needs and responses of patients, their families and caregivers to cancer at all stages of the disease.
• Determining the influence of the content and process of communication between the health care team and the patient and family on coping, treatment compliance and psychosocial outcomes.
• Identifying the psychological, behavioural and social factors which may influence the disease process, including the impact of cultural, language and socioeconomic differences.
Developing and testing strategies that can be implemented within health services to minimise the negative impact of cancer.


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